Supported Games

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

- BattlEye & Xenuine Undetected

- Unique Written Build

- Kernel Driver Secure

- Private Slot Base

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

- VAC & Matchmaking Undetected

- Unique Generated Build

- Kernel Driver Secure

- Limited Slot Base

Battlefield 4 & 1

- Fairfight & PunkBuster Undetected

- Random Generated Build

- Manual Map Secure

- Donate Slot Base

Some Facts about AIM-47

Unique Builds

We provide you server generated unique projects, to guarantee an own algorithm of the build.

Limited Slots

AIM-47 only provides slot limited projects, to stay more unique and familar to our community.

Kernel Secure

Undetection is the key, to stay save we provide you kernel driver injection at ring0 basis.

Products Overview

Perseus - CS:GO

Radar & Visuals Cheat

Osiris - CS:GO

Legit & Rage Cheat

Zigra - CS:GO

Rage & HvH Cheat

Kraken - PUBG

Kernel Radar Cheat